Monday, July 22, 2013

What a Weekend!!!

First off I guess I should not have gone to my Aurora meeting at all or opened my mouth in regards to my pet peeves - people not reading their emails and turning around and then asking questions - involvement in charity quilt making.  I did say that from now on I'll partake in whatever charity I wish and leave the organizing within the group to someone else and just do my Treasurer duty as quietly as I can.  Then the doorbell was not sounding in the basement and a couple of people were standing outside not getting in and one obviously got very angry.  When she finally came in I was the brunt of the anger much to my dismay or ability to deal with it so I walked away - which I guess was the last straw for that person.  HMMMMM!

Needless to say I tied one on Saturday evening and just vegged on my girlfriend's deck reading.  Sunday was clean up/pack up and heading home which was just before the thunderstorm, thankfully.  But that was short-lived!

OMGG what the heck next???  Maybe this move up to the top floor was not such a smart idea after all!!!  Well yesterday evening’s thunderstorm caused quite a stir for me about 11:00 pm.

After shutting off the TV I heard dripping but from the windows – HUH!!!  So I stepped towards them to open the curtains and stepped onto wet patches – DUH!!!  Opened the curtains and was faced with many water droplets on a continuous drip from the upper window frame down to the bottom frame and then onto the floor.  Yes I took pictures and emailed the Owner right away and then this morning had to change the towels as the one on the window sill was dripping wet and the floor one was damp.  There goes my new curtains – now water stained – along with the streaks down the newly painted wall (at least those I toned down after washing).  Then this morning I noticed a new dark spot on the ceiling and the ones in the entry seem to be darker!  And to think the rent is going up in October too.  SHEESH!!! 

So their changing my windows would only prevent the bugs from getting in like crazy from between the cracked hard seals and the cold drafts and snow drifts between the windows in the winter, this new problem is from the roof me thinks.  Those south facing windows are very very drafty in winter and I’m continuously turning up the thermostat – something very foreign to me who likes a cool place.
Living room
Sewing Room

WELLLLL my sewing room/studio is downright frigid cold in the winter and I can only work in there on the weekends with the curtains opened for the sun to warm it up some and me dressed for the cold to venture into that room.  This fall if the windows are not changed by then (which I doubt they will be as the owner thinks this is a roof not window problem) I’ll be trying the patio door plastic covering and see if that will reduce the cold coming in.  I refuse to buy a heater and pay more electricity when this problem should be looked into and fixed before major damage to the structure results.  It’s enough that I’ve an AC running all summer to combat the southern exposure and unbearable heat which I just can’t stand along with ceiling fans in the other rooms.  The building heating system should look after the problem during the winter – actually in my other apartment it was usually too warm for me and I had fans on to keep the temperature comfy.  Go Figure!!!

So this fall/winter I’m going to use my room thermometers and record the temp in the four rooms so I have something more concrete to show them along with the thermostat setting at that time.

I know I can’t afford the newer type of apartments and I’ve heard many unhappy stories from tenants in similar blocks – at least I know my Owners do try to fix things ASAP and not wait till some inspector comes in and then things happen.  Glad my Owners are good that way.  I really do not want to move again!!!

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