Monday, July 08, 2013

Slab Blocks

Well who'd have thought this could be so easy and fast going too.  Now I don't have the book Sunday Morning Quilts as yet, but Cheryl A did explain the process for these slab blocks and I did send her a picture of my first one - the green one - and she said it looks perfect. So tonight I stitched up the red one and again within an hour and I was fussier this time!  LOL!  
Blocks 1 & 2
Hmmmm if my sewing room was not so warm and with the light and iron on it's a bit too warm for me for more than one block.  BUT if it was cooler I'm sure I could have stitched up two this evening.  Oh well if things go as well as these two went I KNOW I'll have the other FIVE I've pulled out fabric strips for done by this weekend.  

Then it's just waiting for whatever my friends/family decide to join in this effort and donate then I'll either stitch up a quilt top or just package these up and send off to Cheryl month end.

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