Sunday, July 14, 2013

Slab Blocks - Update

OK I've completed sewing up the seven piles of coloured strips etc from my one Safeway bag and this is where I'm stopping for this Slab Blocks for the Quilts for Southern Alberta project.  The last block is in browns and I think I was just getting the hang of this type of block construction.

Now I can't wait till my sister's eight blocks arrive and yes I'll post pics of them too.  Also for my Sunday Morning Quilts book to arrive so I can many play more with this and use up more of my left over cuts of fabrics for future charity quilt tops.

So now I've pulled out my own batiks and will cut up the 32 lights/darks (FQ size) that I need to finish off my Bali Strip challenge blocks for the MPQ ABC Challenge quilts - these I'm taking with me to my girlfriend's and that'll keep me busy all week besides watering her LOVELY flower/tomato pots/garden beds!!!


Judy said...

looking at all the blocks, I wondered if the white patch meant something...
You sure have been busy!!

Rose Anne B said...

Thank you Judy. I'm keeping out of trouble as I got used to spending money on my Ireland trip and want to continue now - NADA can do!!!

No as far as I know the white patch does not mean anything, but then I don't have the book Sunday Morning Quilts as yet, maybe it says something in there.