Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Quilts for Southern Alberta - Update

I've had some problems with donations for this project.  I know some don't feel they can do the blocks justice or have the time for more projects, so they some donate finished quilt tops and/or fabrics.  Now that is OK if whomever is organizing the "call for specific blocks" is also sewing up blocks - but not the case here.  She's just sewing the donated blocks together into tops and going from there with volunteer longarm quilters standing by to assemble the quilts.  I feel bad but, I do understand where this person "calling for blocks only" is coming from also.  You can't please everyone!

Anyways, thank you to Dianne U for your lovely block.

Also thank you to a fellow MPQ member who has donated three various quilt tops to this cause and because the tops were basically finished they have been accepted.  Thank you Wendy W.
1600 inch quilt
Cheater Star
Stack n Slash

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Judy said...

You got some beauties, there!! I hope your window problems get fixed soon!!! And the temperature is better in the winter!