Monday, July 22, 2013

MPQ ABC Bali Strip Quilt Challenge

Well being a might ticked off had a "good part" for me as I sewed like crazy and got my small 8 inch Strip Twist blocks into larger blocks of four.  Even with my design board at Aurora I still could not figure out HOW to assemble the twelve blocks so colours were not touching or close by - GRRRR!!!  Well finally tonight I managed to get a pleasing layout and this is how it's gonna stay - picture taken and now rows/blocks numbered!!!

So next is to sew them all together and pull out of my stash some batik for the inner borders and the cornerstones needed for the outer border.  I have various left over pieces in 4 inch strips and plan to use them as a stripped 2 inch piano keys like border.  Hopefully I have enough or I might have to put inner border spacers in the middle to stretch them out.  Time will tell.

Looks like I just might have this baby ready for the MPQ September meeting which is the hand in deadline for someone to quilt it for me.  Yep I think this will be different and colourful.

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