Saturday, July 13, 2013

Apartment Update

First off Thank You to Harold for coming over and finishing off the last task today!  He added another shelf to my locker and after he left I was able to haul out four boxes of light fixtures/ceiling fans, a large box of various sized binders along with the large storage box for my AC from my apartment - oh and put the dolly back into the locker instead of my hallway.  

Now I'm thinking I can move my various binders of postcards and various odds n ends up onto the first shelf of my hallway closet so they are accessible but yet not an eyesore so to speak.  So that'll be another box unpacked.  

Then when I'm back from Angela's I'll try and tackle the sewing room shelving unit and move the quilting items from the living room bookshelf into that room and work from there trying to get everything into its proper place so I can take a picture of the studio!!!

Tomorrow I have to finish off the last block of the Quilts for Southern Alberta (just heard from Sylvia and she's stitched up eight blocks - WOW!!!) and then cut the 32 strips of lights/darks for my Bali Strip Challenge so I can work on that quilt next week.  Yep and if it's stopped raining and the humidity is normal I might even try an tackle the rust spots on my van while out at Angela's and hopefully get them treated before fall sets in.

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