Friday, December 02, 2011

Interesting Start to House/Pet Sitting

OMGG, I survived but I’d say just so, entering the house.  See I had to go at lunch Wednesday to let the dogs out as the owners left really early for their trip.  When I got inside the garage I could hear all three dogs just barking their heads off (now I know what they meant by Ebony's banshee-like barking) and was a might apprehensive.  They really are friendly dogs but their barks sure would make a burglar think twice before breaking in there!!!

Well I took charge and opened the door and there were the two larger ones and Rudy in front showing teeth and growling, not letting me in!!!  OK what do I do now – took a breath and told him to back up and stepped into the house – he listened slightly but still did not want me, but the owners and kept trying to barge past me into the garage.  I kept repeating back up and they eventually went up the stairs and waited barking still.

I gave myself a chance to regroup by hanging my coat up and then turned to them and asked if they wanted outside, Bella had already picked up her toy for me to play with her but Rudy was still not happy with me.  I stretched out my hand and scratched behind the ears talking to them and finally Rudy stopped growling - Thank Goodness.  So outside the three dogs went no problem and I too, to chat and pet them while they ran back and forth doing their business, then Rudy stood by the door trying to get in so in we went.  I made myself lunch for the ride back, read the notes, gave them cookies and left for work – lots easier that way! LOL!

Wonder what after work will be like?  Well for sure I’ll not be going out to meet my sister for supper tonight (she's in from Dauphin to fly out to Halifax) – will rebook for Sunday instead.  That’ll give them and me a chance to adjust to each other.  OH yes, my stomach still had ants running around late afternoon!!! LOL!

Well I survived my first day & night.  After work was lots easier and they greeted me very friendly - like I had expected earlier.  Guess it was the first time a stranger entering greeting!

I tried to take pics last night as Rudy, Bella and Murphy all shared this lovely leather couch (naturally protected) and Ebony waited patiently on the pillow until I sat in the armchair to watch hockey and ZOOM she was there wanting to join me.  We had over an hour like that and it was really relaxing, going to bed was a bit confusing for them I think but they finally settled down.  Except for Murphy who walked around the house mewing and then down into the basement – I think he was looking for his owners!!!

BUT can you believe it I SLEPT IN today with 3 dogs and a cat all waiting to go outside and their breakfasts!!!  I’ve got to check that alarm as that bed is sooooo cozy I did not want to leave it!!!  LOL!  My head is hurting from all the rushing around that I’m not used to also!!!

All I can say is for being huge dogs they are very friendly and well behaved (the pug is just downright cute) and even the cat (better than my sister’s).  This morning’s feedings, vitamins and cookies all went smoothly and Rudy had such a sad look to his eyes when I was leaving for work – not fair putting the guilt trip on me now!!!  I’s sure glad all went well considering my lunch time greeting!!!  I feel more positive of looking after them now.  Just wish Murphy did not start meowing shortly after 5:00am (litter is cleaned – too early for breakie) - what gives!!!
Huge aren't they compared to the cat which is a good size.
Poor Ebony no chance against them
- even being deaf she let's them know she's there!!!


Nicki Lee said...

Rose Anne - you can come pet sit for me anytime. WOW They look like a bunch of characters but I bet they are fun.

We just got home with Lily and she has taken to our house like she's always lived here. Went straight to her new bed and pulled out all her new toys... played a bit then laid down for a nap. We she see how the night goes. She is just oo cute and the sweetest ! Can I say "I'm already in love"!

PeggyR said...

Oh my I'm sure you had knots in your stomach! Right now I'm looking for a little one as I had to put ours down because she was very anemic. Our big one doesn't "cuddle" and so I need one for in bed with me!