Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Days of Christmas – Wrap-up

OK the CQing gift opening for 2011 is over with and what an adventure it was. I must first thank Debbie Q for hosting this in the WWCQ group and naturally my partner Joyce R for the lovely gifts she sent me and also for her acceptance of my fun and games which earned me the nickname "Schneakkkkyyy" throughout her openings. LOL!

So here's a recap of what I had sent to Joyce, using my sister’s name and mailing address, which threw her till the end:
I had FUN wrapping and labelling all
My version of the song

Joyce's picture of her gifts from me
more gifts
the fabrics from Day 10 and also Extra package
Extra package goodies

And then here's a recap of what I had received from Joyce of Mobile, Alabama:

wrapped gifts from Joyce
Joyce's version of the song
All my gifts from Joyce

Naturally you can see the individual day’s pictures if you are in my blog and on the right is my Labels, scroll down and select "swap gifts" and all the 12 Days of Christmas entries should pop up to scroll through for closeup pictures and comments. To go back to the start, just click on Home button at the bottom or the Go Back arrow at the top left of the page.

Yes it was quite enjoyable and one of these days I will use these embellishments (all bagged together too) in a project and who knows maybe even included in the “hearts” wall hanging I’m planning for myself. Time will tell.

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