Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - 9th Day

Ohhhhh yes Joyce I'm truly pleased with my packages you have selected for me.  I just can't wait till this 12 days of gifting is complete and I can actually plan and decide what kind of block I'd like to stitch up with these lovelies!!

Hey not only has the group wondered what activity will follow, even Darlene asked what I was going to do after the 12th day and no more packages - we looked at each other and I shrugged my shoulders - it'll for sure feel like something is missing!!!  LOL!

So "On the ninth day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 9 critters flying" and talk about a mixed collection of winged charms and even a button. 
I love the porcelain type one, naturally the tiny dragonfly and also the wasp which has neato details on it's wings.  Thank you Joyce.

Oh Oh only 3 more days of gift openings!!!


Linda Mullen said...

LOL, very cute.

Laurie said...

I'm also loving this Rose Anne, I can't believe the creativity that everyone has used in putting together their packages! Love the charms an button, I'm curious myself to see how you use all your lovelies!