Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - 8th Day

OK I was totally PEEVED at 4:30 am when woken by mouse activity again in my closet!!!  DANG IT I thought they were gone but guess it was only to greener pastures elsewhere while warmer outside, but with winter settling in I guess they are moving back inside again!!!  So when I got home from work I grabbed the gloves, gathered up the various traps, washed with a bit of soap and then reloaded with fresh peanut butter and set them back out again.  I pray this does not go on as long as last year's episode or I may land up just unloading a lot of stuff to get to the bare bones in here!!! 

ANYWAYS onto happier things.  Today a co-worker brought me a gift (says I'm always helping everyone and she appreciates me this way) but this time it was a large bag and inside was this pail of overflowing paint with Seasons Greetings printed on the spill and inside was a "family of snowmen" - I just squealed with JOY seeing them - and also a lovely tan toned necklace from the "fair trade" home parties group (sorry I forgot the name right now).  And also I forgot to take pictures - DUH!!!  Also Darlene who always appreciates my needlework again gave me a gift card for The Bay family of stores.  Yes it sure helped to ease my dissappointing morning start.

And again today Darlene was waiting for me to open my daily present and was thrilled as much I was.  See "on the eighth day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 8 beads for stringing" BUT it was eight packages of seed beads and only one packet is similar to what I have in my stash.  The mixed soup packets are shades I don't have so that's just lovely!!!   Thank you very much Joyce!!!

I can tell you that I'm KEEPING these little boxes in a storage tub for my next gift exchange.

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Linda Mullen said...

sorry to hear about your unwanted guests. Cute beads.