Monday, December 19, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - 7th Day

Today I slept in and woke with a headache too boot!!!  But could not stay home as our Social Committee decided those who wanted to could volunteer 3 hours at the Siloam Mission helping in the kitchen and serving meals - yes I had volunteered.  I had also heard there were five last minute cancellations so I'm glad I took an Advil and perservered!!!  It was good that the turnout was about 100 less homeless in for lunch as we were short on the food service volunteers today.  We had no problems and all seemed thankful for the hot lunch and table service by volunteers.  Also included was a tour of the facilities and all I can say is it was better than I thought and can see why they have such large numbers showing up for food, support to start some type of work and a bed to sleep in.

Now as for the 12 Days of Christmas packages - WELL I have a co-worker who is just as excited as I am about these and was at my desk before I even got my coffee!!!  So she waited while I opened up my gift from Joyce.  It was one of those long jewellry type boxes and no sound from inside at all - another HMMM!

"On the seventh day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 7 trims for trimming."  WOW inside were seven various trims and only the silver trim is one I had in my stash - that is awesome.  PLUS ideas were popping into my head on how I'd use them and some even to embellish for the trim to just "pop" on the block.  Also that gathered zig zag one is quite intriguing and I'm going to see if I can do something like this with the various trims I have in my stash - sure would add a little something special especially with embellishments on top!
Day 7
Thank you Joyce - I'm really loving these packages!

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