Saturday, December 17, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - 5th Day

Ohhhh I slept in today and was just getting mobile when I saw my package on the table.  So promptly opened it up and took my pictures but as I was uploading them to the PC my sister Florence (from Dauphin was in for a shopping spree) phoned me to find out what I was up to - decided she'd be around in 20 minutes!!!  YIKES, so I dropped all and got myself ready and out the door and just in time too!  So I didn't get home from my own shopping afterwards till supper time so I'm playing catch up now.

"On the fifth day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 5 crocheted doilies."
They are just lovely (3", 5" and the larger about 7") and I especially love the two medium ones with the very small sized pineapples on them.  The ones I find are 3-4 inch sized pineapples and sometimes just too big for the crazy patched blocks.  The larger doily is something I find periodically but mine are more crude-like whereas this one is nice and finely finished.  Thank you Joyce!!!

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