Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - 10th Day

I have to chuckle as a few are already taking notes for next year's such activity - will we have it again - hmmmm I don't think it will be allowed to fall through the slats of other activities.  Many have had their "anticipation" whetted for creating other such packages to go with the drift of the song!!!  LOL!!!

So "On the tenth day of Christmas my quilt friend sent to me 10 buds a blooming" and I just LOVE the deep purple velvet poinsettia like flower.  These definitely will be in a flower arrangement of some type on my block!!!  Thank you Joyce.

Hmmmm wonder what #11 has within it?  It's tubular and squishie soft - I think I know!!!  Then one gift box left for Saturday morning's opening.  I'll do that nice and early so I can get it blogged before I head off for the holidays.

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