Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Family Day - June 7th

Well up early to pick Sylvia up 6ish and getting her to HSC for her scheduled hip surgery!  I pray all goes well and she's able to catch up on sleep today.  But most of all that she's able to be rid of the pain and walking unhindered again!  Will take Pat and see her later today!

Sylvia's on the ward. No one called Pat, so glad we just came 3:45ish.  As we arrived on ward, Sylvia called me to see if we got any calls - NOPE!  Only 1 person allowed so Pat's with her.   If she's tired I'll wait till tomorrow.

I got in to see her briefly as she was tired but smiling!!! She got in ASAP and prep started with surgery 9ish. When she arrived in recovery she felt good and wide awake but after moving her around on the ward she's sore, naturally. They are reassessing her tomorrow and will know more then but not rushing her for release till assistance is set up. Good!!!

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