Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ikaruga Town Manhole Cover

OMGG I was very intrigued by Helen Fujiki's artistically beautifully quilted projects at the banquet and then ecstatic when my sister Sylvia won her choice for a door prize drawing.  Then I got an email from MPQ Executive informing us we can purchase any piece from the show at a reduced priceTuesday at her hotel.  I quickly emailed Helen to see if my favourite manhole cover was still available, yes it was, so off I went to get it.  You can check out all Helen's works from her website http://www.fujiwaquilting.com/Fuji_Wa_Quilting/Welcome.html  And you can check out my actual Ikaruga Town manhole cover at this link http://muza-chan.net/japan/index.php/about-japan-from-manhole-covers-ikaruga-nara and compare the two.

1 comment:

crazyQstitcher said...

What a beautiful wall hanging you now own, Rose Anne.
The actual cover is great and must attract many people (hopefully safe from traffic) but the detail, textures and colours of the embroidered piece is perfect.