Friday, March 01, 2013

Mishap Saga Followup

OK I’s not a happy camper, but then last night when I had my foot bare and up on pillows I realized I had like zippo movement in my other 4 toes on that foot, could move my ankle but rusty like – LOL!  And when it’s not in the boot cast the big toe feels like needles are in the end/tip under the nail.

So this morning the Dr checked it out and said basically it’ll take 6-8 weeks for that toe to heal period, and movement will start to come back with some physio help but not for at least 2 weeks yet (am making the appt today for then).  I’m still in this boot cast for 3-4 weeks and if physio is going good then I can change to hard soled shoes.  BUT I’m still on both crutches for outside for a week at least and then maybe down to one crutch and if my balance is good then just walking with the boot cast or shoe. 

If for some reason it is not responding to physio or it still hurts in a week or two then I’m to come back again.  Otherwise he does not think there’s any muscle/ligament damage upwards nor will I lose my toenail as there is no blood accumulation at the base or discolouring, just the bruising that is fading.  That better be true!!!

So guess Murphy and I will be cuddling on the couch a lot this next week for sure (my next house/cat sitting starts on Sat).

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Judy said...

leave you alone for a week, and see what you do!!!! Rose Anne, you really have to stop all this getting hurt nonsense!!!
Hope you are feeling better!!!
My therapist and I managed to identify my issue, so now I just have to work at it, and I will be feeling better. Or so she says...