Friday, March 15, 2013

LC Girls Gathering

Yes we thoroughly enjoy our get togethers of the ex-employees of the Bay Lewiscraft.  Sometimes it's just eating and gabbing and sometimes it's "craft night" and lately they are being hosted by and up and coping young crafter - Georgina/Pat's granddaughter! 

This time it was a Valentine's Day theme and we all drew names and then made special cards for our friend.  Here I'm holding the envelope and card that I made for Georgina who is also a quilter.  So I kinda tried to make it look quilt-like - not sure if I succeeded as I have MAJOR problems with the corner and trim cutters - they just did not line up and had to try again.
Everyone's cards!  Lovely all of them!
 So again thank you Maykela (hope I spelt that correctly) for all your ideas, help and laughter!!!

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Anonymous said...

Cute cards! Sounds like you had a wonderful girls night in.