Monday, October 11, 2010

Lot's to be Thankful For!

I can tell you that it was an awesome "Indian Summer" of very warm temperatures, lovely fall colours and very little wind so some of the leaves are still hanging on - maybe just barely though!  The drive to Dauphin was lovely until the sun went down and nature's pallette sort of blacked out for the night!

My weekend with Dad was lovely and I did convince him to partake in his block's Thanksgiving supper of pork loin, potatoes n gravy, beets, carrots, salad, pickles, whole wheat bun along with pumpkin pie with cool whip topping - and all for $7/plate!!!  AND they allowed guests to order to so YEPPERS Dad and I had a lovely supper and there was lots left over for a second meal for him today to enjoy!  He even took his skooter outside and enjoyed the warm weather - like he said who knows what'll come next week and once winter sets in he does not venture outside.  Hey he'll soon be 97 years young and he still is on his own with his daughters' assistance with prepared meals to supplement his sometimes not so balanced ones.  He used to be a very good cook but his strength to stand or work with his hands has diminished lots so those days are far and few between now.  LOL! 

While my car was being checked over by the mechanic, I naturally walked back and forth between my Dad's and my sister's home (where I was staying) and was very thankful that the weather was so balmy and even had to take my blue jean jacket off as I warmed up!  WOW!!!

THEN after an uneventful drive back (another major THANKS) I unwind and then start checking my emails and WOW I won a draw on Darlene's 100th post giveaway and I just can't wait to receive me presents!!!  I've seen many emails and links to E-Bay and photos on these pincushions and wondered if I could find one locally!  Now I don't have to, I just have to remove the cushions and redress them CQwise!!!  Yep I's a grinnin'!!!

THEN as I'm reading on further (237 emails from the weekend) I see an email from Cathy that she's completed her part on my Encrusted RR block - and it's just gorgeous!!!  Here's the naked one again and then the finished pics by Cathy! 

Naked block 
Cathly L's stitching 
heart closeup 
Bluebird closeup 
hand painted button

Just AWESOME so far.  Thank you very much Cathy!!!  I can't wait to see this baby all embellished and back home for me to drool over it all!!!

Now I don't want this weekend to end (well maybe for the aching knees and hip but even that is not so bad as last week) and go back to work!!!  No siree, I want to continue enjoying FALL and all the embroidery I worked on this weekend!


Judy said...

Yup, you do have a lot to be thankful for. Me, I am thankful that when I fell, I only scraped the skin off my hands, and did not break anything. It still hurts like the devil, but will heal faster this way.

tattrldy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your dad. And you heart is looking good. I'll be checking back to see it when you get it back.