Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another CQd Block Completed!

Naked Block

Yahooie I'm tired but very happy as I've finally finished this bock and it'll be mailed off today too and hopefully in the hostess's hands before the end of October (safe and sound too)! This was a 12 inch block I had to crazy patch (some fancy fabrics and the bridal lace bottom left provided) and then totally embellish too ensuring beads etc were anchorded securely.

On this block I was trying to do it with a hoop but found my 8 inch was just too small and it was difficult to hold the hoop AND stitch!!!

At my Ravenesque meeting dear sweet Roberta lent me her "Needle Easel" to try out - basically a collapsible frame that is held by your thighs! Don't laugh it works GREAT!!!!!! (like Tony the Tiger's motto) I don't think Roberta is getting this baby back! See I've had a couple of weeks to adjust to the sometimes in the way arms but when I switched to my 14 inch hoop (that holds the WHOLE 12 inch block nicely) I caught on quickly and boy what a difference in the look of my embroidery too!!! Thank you Roberta!
Needle Easel
Flipped up for thread clipping ease.

OKAY back to my Making Memories block donation for my Crazy Quilting International (check out some of the awesome eyecandy the ladies have done)!  Here I tried fabric manipulation, attaching bridal lace and other Venice lace appliques, added my own tatting pieces, and then embroidered the heck out of the block. Oh and I used the purchased leaves on stems that my girlfriend found for me - Thank You very much Shirley!!! I tried to outdo my past embroidery attempts by adding the dimensional carnation - I LOVE it!!!
Whole Block
Top left
Top right
Bottom left
Bottom right


Diane said...

Your block is so pretty. The carnation turned out great. I'm glad that you described the special holder that you used for your hoop. I think that I'm going to find one.

Judy said...

Rose Anne, you do some really incredible work!! One day, I will get back to my threads, but not today - the black dogs are snapping at my heels...

crazyQstitcher said...

RoseAnne your work is nothing short of magnificent.

Unknown said...

Your work is wonderful. BTW I've had & used a Needle Easel for years & years--think a 1970 buy. Starting to show its age but yesterday I found one on ebay.