Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gone to the Dogs!!!

Yep more truer than you think!  Yes no sooner I'm back from vacation then I'm gone to the dogs so to speak - dogs/house sitting again.  Molly and Lilla sure know how to make one feel like a big meany with their "Oh poor me" eyes!!!  Well this time I'm their caregiver for close to five weeks and just two weeks into it I think we've gotten into a routine together.  At least they've given up on barking/growling at me announcing it's bedtime - it was getting a might testy shutting down at 10:30 and then tossing and turning from 4:00 am cause I'd had enough sleep!  Now they've just given up and crash on the couch after their evenings walk until I finally say "bedtime" then it's like "it's about time get me up there now!"  Kinda funny being with them and yet at times my heart is just aching with the uncertainty too.

See one of them had a slight upset tummy (result of some table food) so had me a might worried for a day or two but then after talking with their daughter-in-law I felt better and when I got home I saw that whatever it was was OK now.  Now they've their noses out of joint as no more scraps, just doggy food and treats in smaller amounts but I think after a few days they are better with my decision and I naturally feel better too.

Well that was until Friday morning's T-storm at 5:00 am which I didn't know anything about until two dogs jumped onto my chest and then attempted to climb over my face onto my head - why I do not know - but definitely just about gave me heart failure.  Then seconds later this horrendous boomer which shook the house and then I knew what was wrong.  Well there was not staying in bed and calming them down - they were just all over each other along with me too so we got up and went down to the living room and the easy chair.  At least it was not as loud as upstairs, so I was hoping to get a nap in yet.

HUH, no such thing, the T-storm just continued and I now had two dogs in my lap, Molly quieter as long as I was stroking her back but Lilla was still strung out and still trying to get onto my head!  What gives with that?  I could not settle her and finally about 6:00 am she gave up on me and crawled under the rocker in the corner and stayed there till it ended about 7:00 am.  SHEESH what a morning start, but thank GOD it eased up as I had to get ready for work and didn't want to leave them stressed out!

Needless to say I didn't walk to work that morning - took the bus!  I was a might anxious to see what greeted me when I got home, but both were their usual happy selves and glad for me being home etc.  I pray there are no more of those middle of the night storms!!!

As for sewing, well I'm trying to get some in but not succeeding much.  Maybe this week.  As for pictures, sorry, but I need to be at home to upload them so it may be a while unless I'm over at the apt for a longer visit then I can blog something then.  Will see.

BUT I can tell you that I'm still walking my 5 km about 4 days per week and trying to get one walk of 6-9 km in too and find taking two days off is a lot easier on my legs/hips and nice to sleep in those days too.  I've been walking to work in the mornings (4.8 km) and find that very invigorating and lots easier on me than sitting on the bus too.  AND I'm still loosing either 0.5 to 1 lb a week again (did loose the couple of pounds I added on while on vacation) so I'm back on track sort of.  I've another pound to go and then I'll have made my "down 30 pounds" goal that I personally wanted to make.  Now anything more will be a bonus and very much welcomed by my doctor too!  All I can say is I feel LOTS better energy wise!


geraldine said...

cor, well done on the weight loss. lets have a new picture of the new you. i've just lost 9lb need to loss some more

jkehler said...

Good for you Roseanne - keep up the good work. I wish I was as motivated as you. As for the dogs, my dog did not use to be scared but back in 2007 when we had those two back to back really bad storms, Roscoe took to being scared. He shivers and shakes until it is all over. Someone told me their fur gets charged and to run a dry softener sheet over them. I haven't tried it yet - don't generally use them. Roseanne, would you be able to tat me some things, not too big. I want to make some bookmarks for some kids I know. Maybe butterflies or whatever. Actually, I don't know if you remember me or not. I took a hardanger class with you and we have been in some other classes. For awhile I worked at Kathryn's. My name is Jean Kehler. I actually live down about a block from your neice Pat. If you could let me know how much or what supplies I can buy for you or whatever, please let me know.
Thanks Jean

Judy said...

My dogs would rather that we all hide down in the basement. Failing that, the bathroom will do. But they have not been so bothered by thunder since we went to Upper Canada Village last month, and ended up sitting on a couple of porches while the rain fell, and the storms passed by. But the storms were not directly overhead, and I bet that made a difference, too.

Rose Anne B said...

Jean, I'm sorry but you haven't let your email so I can't contact you and my niece Pat can't help me either. Please email me (click on my profile and an email link there) or leave your email in a comment and then I'll remove it.

Joy said...

Hi Rose Anne, good for you on the weight loss. Sounds like those dogs are keeping you on your toes. We don't get very many thunder/lightning here but when we do - my cat climbs under the quilt on my bed. LOL