Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tossed Around Assembled

Ohhhh even though I slept in, I had a late breakfast - no lunch, fed the cats and had a marathon sewing session till 3 : 00 ish.  I finished assembling Sections D, E, F and assembled those three together.   Then the finale - I joined both halves.   WOW WOW WOW I just love this but sorry I was restricted to the lime green and the wavy striped blue and adding only 5 other fabrics.   Not sure if I'll ever make this again for myself - but I'm keeping the pattern pieces just in case.   THEN I got dressed and walked to Extra Foods further away than Sobeyes closer by, had Chinese for late lunch/early supper and then walked back home again.  Maybe if it's as balmy tomorrow as today I'll try and do the walking trail as far as I feel good.  Tomorrow I'll start cutting strips for the next charity auction project - would be nice to have it stitched together for show n tell Tuesday night. 

Hopefully I'll do a wonderful job quilting the finished project and it garners much interest at the MPQ 2016 Quilt Reflections quilt show Charity Auction in April.

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