Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today's Update on Tossed Around

OK I said I'd take pics of some of the craziness in sewing this up so here they are - especially for my none sewing friends.  See the craziness I can get into?  This may take the cake though!  That's one of two crazy curves in this wall hanging.  After I succeeded I read this one could be hand stitched - Sylvia says I should read ALL instructions before going just step by step.   Oh well!   I guess I should also have done the 22% enlarging and maybe not had so much trouble?   You think!   😃 

AND here is Section C and it sewn onto Sections B and then A - gotta follow the steps - twice I just about sewed the wrong sides together.  Tomorrow onto the other half.   This is slow going and exhausting! 

Maybe I need a Ceasars after supper?

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