Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Festival du Voyageur - my 1st time!

Talk about an awesome time - weather couldn't have been better for Family Day here in Manitoba or my first encounter with Festival du Voyageur.   There were so many kids there and most were having a great time - you can gauge by the happy shouts and laughter.   At first glance I thought where would I find Jan?  But she found me and off we were to check the Fort first off, next year we'll plan this better and arrange to have dinner after the days entertainment etc.  So off we went to listen to a group (sorry forgot their name) who hip hopped their message and then just as Sweet Abili was ready to start Jan's family and friend joined us to listen to their music.  They are Winnipeg girls and we're good!  Then Jan went with her family tobogganing and I walked around checking out the sites and treats!!!  What fun!

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