Sunday, November 08, 2015

Lovely Weekend!

Finally a sewing day again with my niece, along with pizza and wine!!!  At my quilt retreat two weeks ago we made poinsettia table toppers and Pat saw the pictures and wanted to make some as presents.  No problem, I just fixed up the pattern so petals were nice and balanced and she went to work assembling her first one and was thrilled with it and that she finished it that day too!  I had started work on my donation block yesterday morning at my Aurora quilt group gathering and also finished it off last night, a good two weeks before it is due. 

And I can't believe we are still in fall conditions and not covered in snow, just a slight covering on Friday to remind us of what is coming!
The following CBC Archives link proves what it could be like.  Ohhhh gosh I remember this storm - Nov. 7th, 1986.  I walked from the Leg Bldg south down Pembina Hwy to Taylor Ave. and west to Cambridge St. to my girlfriend Angela's for an overnight visit and company.  I'd had enough being housebound so bundled up in my snow gear and skidoo boots and headed out.  Was toasty warm even though snow covered upon arrival.  The roads naturally were not cleared but some 4-wheel drive or snow machines had made tracks and/or I made my own.  It was like double the time to walk there but it was more jovial than being shut in myself all weekend!

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