Sunday, November 15, 2015

Another Lovely Fall Day!

Well I bussed it out to Assiniboine Park as it was +12C outside and I wanted to take a walk while listening to the birds (and dogs enjoying themselves too) and my audiobook instead of sitting inside.  It started out just lovely, wanted to stop for lunch at the new restaurant by the Duck Pond but a 45 minute wait was a waste of a lovely day so I continued with my walk - not overly hungry anyways.  Not sure why the geese are still here - guess waiting till the snow comes and freezes the waterways!

So turned into the English Gardens and stopped short by this lovely statue reading a book outside that was transferred from the Winnipeg Asper's premises to here for all to enjoy.  I thought this quite relevant - I love the library and my right to borrow books to pass my time and they have audiobooks for rent too!  While stopping to take the picture I happened upon a fellow Manitoba Camera Club photographer and his wife - that took me back lIke 30 years.  We had a bit of a chat and then he invited me to Creative Retirement Camera Club event this Friday as his guest.  Talk about timing as this is one group Creative Retirement that I've been thinking of joining up.  Now I'll get to see what one part of the whole is like.

Then as I left them to continue on my walk I came across this youngster standing like a statue with his hand out, I thought he did a great impression of the various statues by Leo Mol here.  Then to my surprise a Chickadee (?) landed on his palm and fed on seeds.  I continued to be surprised as he did this over and over again.  I quickly went over to the ladies close by and asked why they weren't taking pictures. Was told he's not theirs and I then asked who's but they did not know and there were a number around.  Then he ran over to a young couple with his palm outstretched so over I went and looked at the adults first then said to the kid that that was just awesome.  He smiled at me and walked back to the spot again.  I asked if I had permission to take pictures of him and they agreed so I gave them my card and said to email me if they wanted the pictures.  WOW!  Just made my day!

I continued on my walk through Leo Mol Gardens and around the back of the Zoo and stopped by a concerned looking couple, the guy on the phone, so I asked if they needed help?  "No, just go slowly past the injured 10-point buck up ahead when you go past."  HUH, then I saw it, front right leg bent and joint swollen some, mouth open and sides heaving.  Yes probably in shock along with being in pain.  I hope someone comes to take care of him soon, it's not good leaving him suffering.

As I left I realized my bus was at the turnaround so off I jogged carefully so I'd not have to wait for the next one being Sunday/holiday schedule.  Yes a very lovely day!  Hope we have a few more days before the snow comes.

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Edith Csokmay said...

I know you are on the west coast, but isn't it wonderful to be mid-November and not have the white stuff on the ground yet? I love winter, being a winter baby, but I don't mind waiting a bit longer to enjoy the season :)