Friday, March 15, 2013

Crazy Quiltings Blocks

OK I finally finished off Joyce’s nine BAS RR blocks mid-February but there was so much going on with house/dogs sitting and then fracturing a large chip on my left big toe that I just did not get around to blogging.  Yes I needed help walking the dogs but the rest I managed except for needing help to move me back home and I’m still hobbling around in a large boot cast and on crutches especially outside.  I've gone in for a followup and can start some ankle movements and now have physio on that foot/ankle to get movement back into the joint!

As for Joyce’s blocks here are pics of what I’ve added to previous member’s embellishments on these blocks - she asked for my cretan trees and I've also added in a cretan stitched jelly fish: 
Blanket Stitches

Dark blue velvet patch - slanted blanket stitched snowflake in metallic white with bead in centre, detached chain at tips.
Between trio of detached chains I added blanket stitched designs in ice blue or grey rayon. 
Chevron Stitches

Base stitch in trio of Ecru DMC floss, overstitched in Petite Very Velvet V673, overstitched with Watercolours Perle Henysuckle then added finishing stitches in a Perle.
Added diamond shaped designs between previous stitcher's seam of rosettes.
Herringbone Stitches

On red fuzzy patch added a double HB in black floss and overcast in gold JBT, then in every second open centre with a design from the one side gold Xs.
Feather Stitches

On lace edge at tip a curved feather stitch and beads in centres.  
In irridescent DMC floss feather base with alternating fly stitched pine needles.
Straight Stitches
Added white cretan trees in irridescent white.
Added base in Holbein in white BJT and in white floss filler stitches.
Fly Stitches
Varied uniform fly stitches with detached chain and French knots.
In coral BJT couched staight stitched decoration.
Chain Stitch
Added in a cretan stitched jelly fish with seed bead stingers.
Added new seam of chain stitched metallic and fly stitched scrolls branching off in DMC irridescent touquise.
Stem Stitch
Added in "J" in stem and satin stitches.
Hope someone embellishes this more!
Added to previous stitcher's seam the fly stitched branched in between arches.
Anything Goes?
Added my beaded tatted trim - could be enhanced more too!

Added a zigzag chain seam treatement.
Now I'm working on Pam’s set of blocks and I got word that my blocks are at the last member and when finished will be coming home – WOW!!!


Laurie said...

WOW!!! How did you get your stitches so uniform Rose Anne!! These blocks turned out beautiful. Welcome back!!

Rose Anne B said...

Thank you for the compliment Laurie! Actually don't look to close as they are not so uniform and they should be since I'm using Carole Samples templates. But I'm new at using them and sure will improve with practice.

cq4fun said...

You have so much patience, Rose Anne. You make those beautiful seams I see in books on old quilts.

desertskyquilts said...

Hmm, I saw several things on those blocks that would do very nicely to give the feeling of fireworks.