Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BAS RR - Pamela's Blocks

OK I've finally finished the "seventh" set of nine crazy patched blocks in this "Build a Seam" RR and ready to show off the beauty of these "just about finished" blocks.

Anything Goes  -  This baby is pretty full so I added to the Venice Lace flower patch some feather stitched filler stems and French knots in Perle Cotton 12 – A Leaf Falls.

Buttonhole  -  This one was also kind of full so I used the Buttonhole stitch for the shape of the pineapple and filled it with straight stitch to form diamonds in Valdani #12, stem stitch for the leaves in Wildfowers #252 Prairie Grass and Cretan for the grass base in Simply Wool #0440W Maple Syrup.

Chevron  -  There were no open seams so I did a circle medallion in chevron stitch, filled in the centre with straight stitches and anchored in centre in Crescent Colours #013 Finley Gold.  Joined the outer edge with fly stitch and detached chains.  Then on an existing button seam treatment I added detached chains in the same gold as the medallion.

Cretan  -  I used the darker seam for my Cretan trees of DMC #4065.

Detached Chain  -  Using DMC gold rayon detached chains lying down alternating positions and then with DMC green rayon stitched in between in herringbone.  In the orange patch stitched a detached medallion in DMC #4240.

Feather  -  This time I left the one seam untouched and in the gold patch stitched my first not bad feather stitched heart in 2 strands of Sampler Threads Gentle Art #0311 Holly Berry with 1 strand of DMC silk S3685 for accent with blue seed beads.

Herringbone  -  On the purple/orange seam in Needle Necessities #1781 floss an uneven wavy herringbone seam anchoring crossovers with bars.  Then on the purple in DMC 740 orange and on the orange in Anchor #0101 purple added detached chains and French knots.  In the orange patch I stitched a wasp/bee in dark brown and gold DMC – padded satin stitched head, Colonial knots for upper body, blanket stitched body, stem & fly stitched wings and chain stitched legs.  Finished off with outline flight trail.

Outline (Stem)  -  Along the gold patch seam in DMC #4045 stitched an entertwined stem and branches with detached chain leaves and added seed beads for berries.  Then on either side of the butterfly patch added stem and detached chain designs in DMC #4240.

Straight  -  Along the darker blue patch in Wildflowers #253 Ink a straight stitched diamond design, with DMC #5 dark orange accents.  Centres of detached chains in Crescent Colours Finley gold #013 and straight stitches at outer points and finished with pearl seed beads in centres.

Now onto the "LAST SET" of nine blocks for Diane (received last week) and then I'll finally be all caught up and completed for this BAS RR - it's been a long haul and fraught with many setbacks - a fair share of my own.  Hopefully I can get them planned out this week and buckle down to stitching so they hopefully can be on their way home mid-April!!!

Needless to say I'm anxious to get my blocks home and see the beautiful work done by all the girls - I know pictures do not tell the WHOLE story of how exquisite the stitching embellishing is!  I still have intentions of making mine into a table top fabric book - I just hope I can pull it all together!!!


Judy said...

I love the tiny footprints beside the octopus thing in the 5th block!

desertskyquilts said...

You really have that Cretan Stitch down pat. You are the only stitcher I know who can make that stitch attractive to me!