Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pick on Rose Anne - Follow up

OK I went at 7:00 am to the PanAm Minor Injury Clinic and got an appt for 10:00 am so went back to the house instead of to work and then have to leave at 9:15 to get back there on time.  They saw me like in half hour, didn’t touch my toe but checked up my leg and made me gasp in pain on the inside above the ankle, then put me in a wheelchair and took me for xrays and that was lickety split, then took me to the Dr office (there I waited the longest) used my coat to cover my freezing bare feet and then found out the damage and even saw my xrays.  I’ve fractured a large chip off the end of my toe bone at the first knuckle but the radiating pain up from both ankles shows no breaks etc so must be just from walking on it all yesterday. 

So then they wheeled me over to casting for a velcroed boot cast and then over to Diamond Athletics and got crutches, then I drove over to Shoppers to pick up some Xstrength Tylenol as the Dr said to stop taking that much Advil for this pain, thank goodness I had funds!!!  I’m on this and supposed to try and keep full pressure off my leg for 10 days!  Hmmm going to be interesting walking the dogs – definitely not on crutches!!!  By the time I made it home to dump off my purse and pick up my little walking purse I thought I’d walk to work from the apt but decided NADA and drove the car to the parkade out back – more money gone!!!  But some coworkers are helping me pick up print jobs so I don't have to walk too much - nice of them as they are busy too.

Oh and thanks to Pat and hopefully Byran for offering to come and walk the girls for me for a few evenings!  At least it is warming up so I'll be able to just chase the girls outside more on the weekend and worry about it being too cold for the small dogs.

Will be interesting to see how this works and hopefully heals cleanly and efficiently.


Jane McLellan said...

Oh dear me! I hope your toe heals quickly so you can take the doggies for their walks again.

Judy said...

Ohhhh!!!! That must hurt!!! Too bad you couldn't have had it seen to sooner!!!
Take care of yourself!!!
I am still arguing with the exhaustion - the MD says it was a virus, and I just have to wait it out...

Rose Anne B said...

Thank you Jane, but no the owners will be home before my 10 days are up but they are being very watchful of me walking around. Molly even jumps into my lap when I'm finally sitting down and comforts me!