Thursday, December 06, 2012

Work & Moving Update

OK today the higher authorities handed down the word that no more OT will be granted without full justification as to the what, why and how listed and forwarded for prior approval to the Director, no more just the Manager's approval as in the past.  So guess that means no more OT for me, who for the past 3 years has been doing half of an ex-employee's job who left for green pastures along with trying to do my own work too.  Oh well guess I'll continue packing in as much as I can into my work day and figure out priorities and let less important tasks fall by the wayside.  

I truly do not know what will happen when our staff retirements start to happen this March and into next year, see Treasury Board has decided to eliminate jobs through attrition - that means no replacement of staff who retire or resign.  Guess that'll be the end of our office as there are a number of us retiring in the near future and we are only about 14 staff as it is.

The good thing about no more OT for me is that I came straight home and unpacked all my fancy glasses and cups (5 liquor and 2 paper boxes) and they are all nicely put away in their wall units and newspaper/boxes will be dropped off into recycling bins at the depot this weekend. So maybe tomorrow I'll tackle the ornaments and arrange what I want on display on my glass unit in the corner - WOW that sure will be nice.  Slowly but surely I'll get this place ship shape.  I think my next step is to work in the sewing room so the rest of these boxes can be emptied and items arranged in appropriate places in there.  Then maybe I'll have my living room to rearrange as I imagined it to begin with. 

AND to top my day my great-niece Bethany came over and picked up my 1970's table and chairs and she also took a box of plastic canisters and another box of wine glasses that were hand me downs that I decided I don't need so many.  I don't have large dinner parties so the couple of sets of fancy ones I have are enough for me.  Now more room on my shelves too.  She was very happy to have the table and chairs and said her room mates will be too!  Everything fit into their vehicle and off they went!  YEAH!!! 

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