Monday, December 17, 2012

My 1st Christmas in 508

If only I had persevered and unpacked my stuff I'd have had lots of room to put out my Christmas decorations AND have a full sized tree so ALL my ornaments could dress it up!!!  OH well there is always next year.

BUT I did put up my flashing angel and my three star lighted window decorations which look just lovely when dark outside.  Then this year at Zellers I saw this "MERRY CHRISTMAS" battery operated garland and when I saw it marked down to $4.59 and then 50% off last ticketed price I picked up TWO - one for me and one for the office picture garland.  It has gotten lots of compliments from passers by!  Mine at home just fits across the two wall units where all my cards are on display for the time being - guess I should have shut the TV.

Now next year I'll make sure I decorate like I used too - my angels on my table with my fancy quilted decor out too along with my stand up stuffed fabric angels who've not been out for years along with my fancy cans etc.  OHHHHHHHH yes next year I'm going to dress this place up and maybe even have my Christmas "drop over for a visit" too!  Naturally that did not happen this year.


Dianne Leatherdale Johnson said...

I'll come to that for sure!!

We decorated too....dh hung a red bow and two bells on the door handle to our apartment....quite festive!
Merry Christmas Roseanne

Judy said...

That was a real bargain!! And it looks good, too!! I have had two Christmases now, and the last one will be tomorrow, with fil at the hospital, where he is waiting for a bed in a nursing home.