Monday, December 10, 2012

Finished I Spy Quilt

OK here is the finished "boy" type I Spy Fun quilted blanket - no batting inside!  I had a ball making this quilt as I knew who it was going to and I hoped it would become a learning tool for John (my deaf coworker) to teach his two small sons ASL and have fun too!  When I gave it to him I mentioned it was for the "three boys" - well his eyes popped as his youngest is only about 6 months!  I quickly signed that there were two small boys and one big boy - meaning the father to play with this gift!  He laughed.  
Well the next day he gave it to the boys and said the youngest Landon was just looking everywhere but Jadon grabbed it as a cape and started playing around.  Then he kept asking "what" and looking at John to sign till finally he said enough!  OH NO, maybe it'll be more of a pain than a learning tool?  I mentioned he'll have to set a limit to the number of pictures and questions!  LOL!


Anonymous said...

That is a really great quilt Rose Anne! I'll need the pattern some time soon. It's nice to see your work appreciated.

Pat J.

Mary said...

Interesting layout for an I-Spy quilt. It looks really good!