Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Tatted Hedgehog

OK I tried this pattern again but refused to add the movable eyes period!  So the lighter one on the left is basically as the pattern with larger beads tied on with the ends and still did not like my effort.  Then I tried altering it and yes I like it much better.  Basically the darker one on the right, I added the larger beads for eyes into R1 along with the seed beads nose and then increased the number of CH rows increasing the picots accordingly - needed the picots a bit longer and would have been perfect.
The pattern can be found here at  Suzann Does It All  blog.


Jane Eborall said...

I wonder if you could use some of this pattern to help with your ongoing search for the 'right' hedgehog?!?!?

piney cq said...

Absolutely adorable RA!! I LOVE them!!! Great job!

Mary said...

These are adorable! I would love to know how to make one. Will look for that pattern.