Thursday, July 05, 2012

Jackie's BAS Blocks RR

Oh my I just realized I've not posted about these either, I'm truly behind.

OK above is the set of blocks I received from Jackie with a base seam on each block except the 9th one which I get to start.  Now this is a round robin that the owner makes up nine crazy patched blocks and adds one stitch type seam to each block leaving the 9th blank, then sends it to the next person on the list for there addition to the base seam.

So here is what I did, sometimes adding to the already stitched base seam and also starting another base seam with maybe another addition to accomplish multiple seam treatments in one place. 

#1 stem - I added to the base seam a stem and V with straight stitches from ends.  Then added a new seam with stem stitched spirals alternating directions with Delica beads in centre.

#2 blanket - added to base seam the green straight stitches between the yellow chains  with delica beads in centre then added running stitch path for the bee.  Then using the templates marked out scallops on one side and alternating spacing on the opposite side with the blanket stitch spokes outwards.

#3 herringbone - added 2 upward stems with Colonial knots and SRE leaves to original base seam.  Added a herringbone seam with fly stitch closures and then wove a loopy ribbon through centre crosses.

#4 chain - added the opposite half circles from the chains on the base seam and then chains at ends of Vs.  Then added interwoven chain hearts with purple straight stitches in the V.

#5 feather - added green stems and purple Colonial knots to base seam.  Then added Rayon Ribbon Braid feather stitch in a balanced trio on each side and finished off with cotton chains - sort of like candles.

#6 cretan - added various chains, straight and beads to centre along one side tips, and added a trio of Xs from the opposite sides tips with a larger chain and straight stitches in the Vs.  Then added a beaded cretan with a set of 5 small crosses at each tip.

#7 straight - added various green stems with fly stitch branches amongst base seam.  Then I added straight stitches forming squares on point three rows deep.

#8 chevron - added fly stitched larger leaves from points facing one way, large chain and straight stitches facing the opposite direction, and in the deep Vs a set of straight stitches with Colonial knots on tips.  Then did a bugle bead with a trio of seed beads for the straight ends then finished off with two straight stitches on angle outwards from ends.

#9 - blank - did a cretan cotton with large orange beads at each tip.  Then worked a blanket stitch half wheels for another seam treatment with straight and chain stitches from anchors, scallops of Colonial knots in wool in between and large glass bead anchored in centre.

Definitely not easy but learning lots from this BAS RR.

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