Saturday, July 14, 2012

Purging Again

Well it's been a while since I had good intentions and acted on them!  LOL!

Yep for some reason this week I started going through the two large boxes of quilting magazines and only pulled out a dozen and tore out maybe two dozen patterns and recycled those magazines.  The rest along with a bag of pocketbooks I then packed up and ready to be dropped off at the Firehall for the Children's Hospital upcoming book sale whenever it is.  I still have one more box of magazines to go through.

Then I switched to my dining room and started to tackle the various "plastics" that have accumulated, some to garbage, some to Valu Village and the good ones I'll wash up again and put away - WOW sure downsized that area.  Then I moved my plant unit into the diningroom so I can move my display stand over and make room for the portable AC that hopefully can be hooked up soon.  I have it out of the box and the hoses connected but the panel for the window is wider than my slider grooves so Harold my maintenance guy is dropping over tonight to check it out.  He'll make it work, I'm sure!

So I then moved into my bedroom and tackled the mounds and shelves of t-shirts.  No I had not kept up the rule of bring one in and one goes out!!!  LOL!  So today I managed to cut into rags half of one large garbage bag of soiled or badly worn out ones for the mechanic and another large bag off to the garbage.  Then managed to put away my so so ones for everyday and the good into the dresser with room to spare - that is until laundry is done!  Ha Ha Ha!!!  I continued and managed to pack up some of the better items into another full large garbage bag for Valu Village and a large shopping bag for my niece in case there's something for them.

So then everything went into the VAN and off it got dropped off!!!  HOLY SMOKES it sure makes a difference, there is room on the floor in the living room and next week I'll take the three paper boxes full of personal items to the shredder and save myself the struggles with my personal shredder and also the TIME doing it myself!!!  There'll then be more floor space visible.

And when I get back from house/garden sitting I'll tackle the plant stand and excess pots and hopefully have a notice for the Orchid and Bonsai societies for sale!!!  Yep now it's time to rest as I'm beat and I swear I sweated pounds in this sauna today!!!

I still have a long way to go to getting this place into ship shape - it'll get there again!!!

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