Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Post Australia/NZ Trials Settled!

OK finally resolutions to all my post Australia /NZ trip.

1. Was without my TV for 10 days but did get a new PVR free and then was watching my sports again.

 2. Health issues abroad have been reviewed by my travel health insurer and a cheque is in the mail, good news, without aggravation. 

 3. For the past 3 months Rogers Wireless bills could not be paid online through my bank account, they kept saying I was selecting Rogers Cable not Wireless or typing in the incorrect acco
unt number or the problem was on the bank's end. I'd hoped that upon my return this would have been resolved, still not and just as I was going to ask for a new account number Rogers suggested that. It took like half hour and me waiting another half hour before trying to establish the account online once again. WELLLLLL LOL it worked the first attempt - my fault or bank's fault, I doubt it!!! They did give me a $50 credit for the unjust frustration when it was noted on their system that they KNEW this was a problem with new account numbers and i should have been told that when called.

 4. My putting my Shaw internet and phone on HOLD while away was a major mistake and not really sorted out, but finally after many conversations with Shaw (some heated) it's possibly resolved but not back to how it was. Oh well I give up!

 5. My van was broken into/attempted theft while i was away too and Autopac's measly offer was reconsidered and we've settled closer to my counteroffer based on online adds and submitted repair bills and I've accepted, now to search for a vehicle to my liking, not gonna rush into things.

So sometimes one has to whine and complain to get some honest consideration, even if I did not get what was or what I'd like, at least it was more fair than first options given. Hopefully now I can get on with my retirement life and find some routine for the future.


Anonymous said...

I never knew how many hassles you were going through when you came back! I hope things are back to normal now that you have the car - that it was the last thing still to work out.

Rose Anne B said...

Thanks Susan! Yes it was a might depressing dealing with them BUT YES things have definitely calmed down and I've just gotten my wheels and now looking into some classes for myself and maybe volunteer work!