Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm back from Down Under

I'm finally back on Canadian soil and the first thing I did when landing in Vancouver was had for Tim Hortons for chicken noodle soup for lunch.  then outside to check the weather before heading back inside to call my sisters Sylvia whom I've not had contact with the whole two months, then Florence and my girlfriend Angela before heading to checkin for my lasy flight!

Can you believe this?  They would not let me in with my 414 ml of Pepsi, so out I went to drink it on the bench oustide security I've had very little in the two months, probably could count the number on ONE HAND, and post.  I NEEDmy Pepsi fix!!!


Bobbi Pohl said...

I can't believe the time went so quickly and I'll bet you can't either. I was downunder last spring and look forward to seeing some highlights of your trip.

tattrldy said...

Glad you made it safely back from down under. Yes, airports are pretty picky about liquids any more. I'm glad you had time to sit outside security to drink your Pepsi. I didn't know Australia didn't have Pepsi! Ooo! Two months without Pepsi - that would be hard.