Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Kitchen Towels - Revisited

Well for years I've been able to purchase some neat and interesting kitchen hand towels of fairly decent quality and making up crocheted tops to button onto kitchen appliances or cupboard handles.  The last couple of years these are getting thinner and thinner so I came up with an idea of making them double thickness instead.  Also other types of towels (thicker micro finish) are being used also.  Here are my latest - all are reversible - buttons on both sides.
These were smaller so trims added at the bottom
- also reversible - gone now.

Regular sized towels dressed up reversible too
- middle one is without ribbons
- side ties added after first two experiments.

Doubled crocheted button tops - reversible too.

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Anonymous said...

Love the crocheted ones, too. I have one I bought from someone going door to door a long time ago, and the crochet is about worn through! I need to play around with making a new one. You mentioned pre-ordered in the other post. What do you charge for these?