Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Stitching Only 2013 RR Update

Well I've finally finished off my part of this CQI Yahoo Group round robin.  Besides being a slow stitcher I also hurt my left wrist which was not my stitching hand but still it was needed and naturally slowed me down even more.  As for the wrist it still hurts on certain movements like two month afterwards but at least useable.

As for the last block I finished off for Dana A here are the pics and it was mailed off last week so should be arriving either later this week or early next - hopefully safe and sound.

Dana's block after Maire, Susie, Molly and myself

Rose Anne's tatted Allison Edging
Rose Anne's joined tatted butterflies
Rose Anne's two embroidered seams - one on the green brocade
- the other a variety of flowers with beaded ants

I think I'll be taking some time off from RR stitching as I've many UFOs I'd like to start on plus it would be awesome to get this apartment unpacked and organized BEFORE my retirement next year!!!  Once that happens I'll be too busy getting ready for my gift to myself of a trip to Australia and New Zealand.  And nothing better happen to postpone this date!!!

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Judy said...

Lovely work, my dear!!