Saturday, April 06, 2013

Saturday's Finds

Not sure why I didn't wait with the previous post to include the pictures - not thinking I guess!!!  LOL!

So first off Karen picked up this lovely wall hanging for my sewing room while down in Weslaco TX this year and as Michelle said it's perfect for me!!!  Thank you Karen!!!

Then at the Antiques Collectibles in Selkirk (downstairs in the Gallery on Main St.) I found these treasures for myself.  The Oriental pincushion is something I've wanted for a while and here's one in GREEN!!!  Then there was this old suitcase holding various doilies, towels etc and I limited myself to this one with the butterflies and cluny bodies.  Then found this huge stack of lovely cared for hankies and could not resist picking these up.  I can see some awesome angel ornaments one of these days from them except for the two Irish ones.  
See the trip I'm going on to Ireland, taking in the International Quilt Festival of Ireland has asked for "hand blocks" from participants and I'm hoping to add the Shamrocks one as a cuff at the base of my hand.  Will see if I can pull it off.  Then when I get back home and have some time I'll do up another hand block to match and add the daintier Shamrock as a cuff for myself, maybe add some particulars of the trip etc in the block.


Laurie said...

How pretty! I couldn't say which I like more. A trip to Ireland!!? How exciting!!

Judy said...

What treasures!!! I have never seen one of those pincushions with a painting on it like that... Come to think of it, I don't think I have ever seen one in a colour other than red...
Love all the hankies, too!!!