Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ireland Trip

YAHOOIEEEEE!!!!  Today I've paid in full for my Ireland bus tour - before the February 5th due date!!!  YEAH!!!

Now it's to get confirmation of my flight booked and pay that baby off next week.

THEN to pay off the small IOUs to family and it's saving, saving, saving for my spending money for that trip!  I know I'll be bringing home some souvenirs from the areas we'll be touring and naturally the International Quilt Festival - WOW.  I'm even thinking of taking one workshop during this even - apparently they supply the sewing machines and there are kits to purchase too - will see!  So I wanna make sure I am not "scrimping" after this past 6 months of cutting corners to make this possible.  It probably would have been a bit easier or maybe the IOU would not have been necessary if I'd not taken in that newest quilt retreat this fall but what's past is past and I'm doing OK!

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Judy said...

Not that you are excited or anything!!!