Monday, October 12, 2015

Perth Australia - Aug 23rd-26th

As you can see Vivienne came prepared with camera for my arrival.

Once at her home I found she saved the last grapefruit for me to pick myself for my breakfast - WOW reminds me of my trip to Texas years ago doing the same thing.

Monday we took the train into Perth city and met up with Julia and had a lovely visit and lunch at Myers.  Then Vivienne and I walked around downtown before we headed back home for evening tea.

This is London Court and through it's gates there is a pedestrian shopping mall for a block or so.

Tuesday we were up early and had a cuppa and biscuits on the front deck in the lovely morning sunshine but Vivienne said was coolish.  Then we were off to King's Park and I had a ball checking out all types of flowes, shrubs and trees plus the beautiful landscapes from it.

Then we headed out along the coastline to City Beach where I wanted to chuck my shoes and roll up my pantlegs and play in the surf!!!  The only thing that stopped me was no one else was on the beach nearby and the crashing waves looked like they might have an undertow.  Vivienne was up on the sidewalk and quite a ways from the water to be of help if I was in trouble.

OHHH and I just had to show you their road signs, I'm chuckling here and there spotting the differences between countries, nevermind the language even if both are English.  Instead of Yield it's Give Way and instead of a person walking for a pedestrian crossing well it's only the legs that are allowed to cross!  There are other similarities but yet differences.  I found a card with some of their signs for my scrapbook.

Then we headed up away from the beach around the city eventually to the country areas and stopped at the Chocholate Factory and boy could I have gotten carried away here but restrained myself.  We also went next door to the tasting shed and tried some jams, sauces, chutneys, vinegars and chocolate liquers.  In the next room was wine tasting but did not go in there.

Then we headed home and stopped at a park for some trees and someone's yard for a bottlebrush flowering tree pictures, and unwound a bit before heading into Gilford for supper or evening tea.

This is Vivienne's favourite place and it sure has character plus great food and ambience!  The Rose and Crown, who's history goes back to the rolling of whiskey kegs up from the wharf ships into the cellar etc.  Yes we toured it too and saw the entrance (now bricked in) and the water well and a few other unusual things down there.  Upstairs dining rooms are full of antique furniture still used but not the phone system, that's display only.

This day Vivienne gave me some Vegmite to try on my cracker for night time tea.  Now this is an acquired taste that is for sure, but thinly appied and in small doses I found it OK, even if my expression looks otherwise.

I really hated to leave Vivienne's that is for sure.  It was great to see her various crazy patch projects up close, yes I saw them online but pictures don't do the pieces any justice, the work is so exquisite!!!  Thank you Vivienne!!!  Who knows maybe some day I'll fly back!

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This looks to be a pretty place to visit. Thanks for sharing your pictures.