Saturday, October 24, 2015

OMA'S Retreat

Well I finally got organized and we slow but sure left the city for South Beach Casino where our retreat was taking place in their banquet room.  I think I'm still suffering from jet lag as I'm not my usual go go go self!  Anyways I've accomplished lots even though I'm not staying up late.  I've cut out about 30 towel tops and sewn them up with a good dozen stitched to the bought kitchen towels.  I think they are just lovely!!!  Once these are set aside I'll cut out various squares, strips and triangles of focal fabrics for my "down under" comfort throw for my living room, then I can put it all away and work on the centerpiece project Adiena thought of for this year for us to work on.  I chose Christmas and also fall fabrics and see if I can both finished today!

Adiena'S sample

Here's Sylvia frustrated with her attempt at a new project - twisted bargello with unnecessary steps that she does not like.   Finally she's figured it out and things are going more smoother.

We also are enjoying short jaunts into the casino and so far we're even but who knows what today's playing brings us, maybe some to the good!

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