Friday, August 07, 2015

Update on my Trip

Well this morning I got out for my average 9.5 km walk then freshened up and out the door again for some errands - one is trying to get Rogers Wireless as a payee at my ACU - mega problems and both say they are good the other is having problems - GRRRR!!!!  Finally my Manager has taken it upon herself so I have this set up for my trip and got back to me that the new account numbers starting number is the problem with the institutions so maybe it'll be solved soon.

This afternoon I had an appointment with my agent Aruna Hall of Around the World in 80 Ways and we went over all my flights, itinerary and vouchers required for my various land travels, hotels/B&Bs/hostel and many prepaid tours.  Also the various invoices for my files, and other necessary paperwork needed while travelling.  WOW it's all together so nicely for me to deal with!  Thank you Aruna!  I'll definitely be back to see her for my Ireland trip whenever I decide to go.  Now to spend the weekend going over it all to ensure all is A OK!

Yeppers I was totally overwhelmed BUT at the same time I felt relieved seeing it all on paper and so organized for me, even a bound copy of the travel itinerary in front with the various tours etc included separately in the back well described for my perusal.  Then back home and to more tedious chores of laundry interspersed with the computer.

AND talk about getting home in time as 4:30ish the threatened t-storm seems to be coming in as it's quite the downpour outside and even touches of thumb sized hail bouncing off the windows.

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