Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Fun Times!!!

OH BOY I said I hated Facebook years ago and deactivated the account I had and now I'm back with a new one!  This better work for me or it too will go by the wayside! LOL!!!

See many have been asking if I'll post on FB my pics while in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand and I said probably not but after continuous pressure from Linda I've opened a new account for family and friends and basically stated it's for my travels.  Now I've uploaded my "Retirement" pictures as I thought that was a major aspect of my life that allowed for my dream vacation to come to fruition.  This is two major dreams/goals in my life that have happened - Ireland and retirement - and now a third a trip Down Under!

So those that are on FB and want to follow my travels just click on R Burdeny Travels and hopefully you'll be rerouted to that page for "friends" to be added BUT if you want travel details you'll have to still follow the blog (if I've time to post) or email me and I am going to send updates periodically wherever free WIFI is available.

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