Sunday, December 14, 2014

More Towels Etc.

OK I do not know what is going on with my Nikon Cool Pix camera but I'm ready to chuck it out the window into the freezing drizzle we are having.  The weather is just a confounded as the camera - doesn't know what season we're in right now - it's winter and Christmas - not springtime!  LOL!

Anyways I've stitched up a storm of new "dressed up" kitchen towels.  Some were preordered and some are just to build stash.

And now here are a few Christmas items I picked up at Michaels at 60% and 70% off - could not resist and yes I did get the one item I needed for Alan's retirement gift to hang the charms.  Now the red wine bag was my Christmas gift from Kat from the Aurora Quilters potluck we had yesterday.  I'm keeping the wine for Christmas or New Year's celebration!

That round plastic charger plate was just calling my name and it just looks lovely on that easel next to the fabric photo landscape of my Dad (upclose it looks crappy but not from a distance) and that LOVELY owl wine bag dressed up with ribbon and chocolates - thank you Kat!  Then the second picture shows the false book that I loved too and not sure what I'll keep in it - will see.  The floral arrangement looks lovely in person, but it sure does not in this picture.  I really do not know what is wrong with my camera this weekend.  I've from day one did not like it for viewing from the camera but it's always been good pictures once transferred to the computer - well not this time!!!  SHEESH!!!


desertskyquilts said...

How cute those are, Rose Anne! I look forward to a tutorial on these or the others.

Judy said...

When I was staffing the knitting table at the church bazaar, I had a guy ask for some of these, but we did not have any. I like your idea about doubling the towel!!!