Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Towels

WOW my "dress-up" towels seem to be a hit and I'm glad as they are much easier on my hands.  I like them lots but there is still something about the crocheted tops that is dear to my heart.  They are my favourites I think.  Anyways Saturday I got an order for 10 towels - 5 Christmas - 5 everyday!  YIKES I didn't have any Christmas towels left so off to pick up some more and Sunday and tonight were sewing days as the only ones I could find were the shorter ones - so naturally they are all dress up styles.
Santa w green dress; Snowfriends with snowflakes dress
Christmas cup single; Candle with holly dress; Home single

Poinsettia w cream dress; Green w candy cane dress

And here are my 2014 MPQ President's Challenge sewn Christmas ornaments.  You were to make one for the challenge to be voted on for Viewer's Choice and one for sale as a fundraiser for the Christmas Cheer Board.  These cathedral window ornaments took me a few evenings to stitch up and if I'd known they were only asking for $5 each I probably would not have chosen this technique.  Oh well I'm glad I kept one as it became a gift that evening.

OK lets hope that after I finish off the last two dress-up towels for gifts that I can set this project aside until next year!!!  Oh and Sylvia has given me another idea for a different look for these kitchen towels.  You'll have to stay tuned, sometimes in the summer, same place for a sneak peak!


Michelle said...

Of course those towels are popular- they are absolutely wonderful!!!!

crazyQstitcher said...

I love the Hand towels and have never seen prettier. did you create your pattern?

tattrldy said...

All of your towels look good but I really like your 'dress-up' towels! They are so clever Very cute. I'm not surprised they are popular.

Merry Christmas!

Rose Anne B said...

Thank you so very much Michelle! And fun trying to decide the colours etc.

No Maureen I did not create the pattern, basically bought one or two then figured out the crochet or sewn patterns and changed them slightly to feel good for me and my sister gave me the idea for the ties on the sides. Reminds me of pinafores!

Yes the "dressup" ones are so cute you can't help but smile looking at them. Even the guys check them out! These are definitely the chosen ones now.