Tuesday, November 11, 2014

PayPal Update

FINALLY and not quite the PayPal reversal as noted in their email BUT my monies from an unauthorized transaction withdrawal have been returned to my bank account and now I can hopefully get the October vehicle repairs done. 

See when I filed the dispute PayPal did email that if resolution was in my favour that funds would be returned in the manner they were extracted.  So I waited after their email saying it was resolved and my money will be returned.  YEAH!!!  And I checked the next week and yes my monies were in my PayPal account but no note as to it being transferred back to my bank account.  I then contacted them again and basically was told it's been returned and up to me to withdraw it to my bank account - DUH!!! - not what was initially stated!  So I contacted them again and received another email with the "fine print" and basically if it was a credit card or debit transaction it would have been returned but NOT to a bank account as it was withdrawn!  GRRRRRR!  Anyways I withdrew the monies last week and finally today it's in my bank account. 

NOW I'm going to remove my bank information from my account so this does not happen again.  I've also applied and received a separate credit card with a lower limit just for online purchasing.  Hopefully this will not happen again!  At least PayPal DOES email informing when a transaction is going through otherwise it would have been a horrible shock whenever I checked my bank account.


Judy said...

Good thing you caught it!!! And that you are taking precautions that it doesn't happen again!

Beelizabeth said...

I had $1600.00 of fraud on my paypal account last December. I found a phone number and called them. As the payments were to a company I have never done business, they froze the account and started an investigation. I then had to call my bank and they froze my account. The next day I went to the bank and closed out my accounts and moved my funds to a credit union most of my family does business with. I managed to not have any fraudutent funds actually leave my account but purchases were difficult until new debit and credit cards arrived about a week later- not a fun thing 11 days before Christmas. When the investigation was complete, I closed my paypal account and check out as a guest if I have to use paypal for an online purchase. It takes a little longer and a little more fuss but I feel a little more secure.

Rose Anne B said...

OMGG Beelizabeth that is horrible.

Everyone I pray you read our posts and REMOVE your bank account info from your PayPal account. It's also best to have a separate credit card just for online purchases - that keeps your major CCs hopefully a bit safer from scammers. Take care!