Sunday, October 19, 2014

PayPal - Users Beware!

OK I have no idea how this happened - but obviously these scammers/tricksters/dishonest individuals are lots smarter than the average bear!!!  I was not on my computer Friday (except for defragging) and after shutting down I was away at a Lace Retreat and didn't check it until 10:00ish Saturday evening.  WELL you could have knocked me over when I saw this transaction in my Inbox from PayPal:

Rudi Nugraha  (NON-U.S. - Verified)
$170.00 US (equals $196.73CAD)
for Repair PC Via Teamviewer
Oct 17, 2014
7:51:37 CDT (CA)
No Shipping address provided
Instant Transfer
from my chequing account (not used for purchases at all)
description just his name

Needless to say I did click on PayPal's Resolution Centre link at the bottom and reported it as an unauthorized transaction and they are STILL extracting the funds from my account while investigating this complaint.  NO, that is not right, there should be a stop payment on it immediately, WHY should I suffer losing $200 while they sift through some emails and IF I don't watch the days PayPal can close the transaction and it can't be opened for dispute again.

I'm not sure HOW this could happen and now I'm left holding the bag while this dishonest person is probably laughing and making up a new account to rob the next person!  So just letting others know that is now happening WITHIN PayPal (probably has to others before me), not just banking machines and CC transactions etc.  Can you image what these individuals could make of their lives legally if they put their minds and energy to HONEST WORK!!!  What a shame! 

Not sure if I'll continue using this system or restrict usage of online purchases - I maybe do five a year - go figure. 

Guess there is something to be said for buying locally and keeping your money in your community and your pocket!


Jane Eborall said...

YIKES. Thanks for the warning. Hope you get it sorted.

tattrldy said...

This is scary. Good thing PayPal at least sent an email so you could address it. Wow.