Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lace Retreat

This is a might late - retreat was Friday Oct. 17th-19th here in Winnipeg - basically a drop in retreat and return home to our own beds for the night - AWESOME!

It was lovely to see Ulla from Saskatchewan join us once again!  A lovely turn out by as many that could make it and thank you to Bev for the bobbin lace ornament workshop and Ewa for the painted bobbin workshop.  Both were enlightening and fun too BUT that bobbin lace ornament one was quite the trial for me!  YES this person who has for years said NO, I'll NEVER pick up bobbin lace - is now called a liar!  LOL!  YEPPERS I have given it a go and completed one ornament with Bev's assistance and also some help from other fellow lacers when Bev was otherwise occupied and was just totally overwhelmed that I did accomplish it. 
Bev keeping me twisting the right way!

OK I think I know what I'm doing!

I did it!!!
We're all hard at ornaments or other projects.

Bev helping Jacquie out.

Iona's ornament - this one was not for my beginner hands/mind!

Mary's bookmark (I think).

Mary anchoring bobbins for travelling.

One of many ornaments Bev is making and some of her bobbins.

Maija, our resident shuttle tatter!

Michelle, a needle tatter!

Then if that was not enough, I paid for another one and promptly started lacing up for a second one and got it going too but with a slightly different set of knots so it'll look a bit different.  Hopefully will finish it off next month and then I can return the pillow, pins, and bobbins to Mary who very kindly lent them to be for this workshop.  Yes I guess I will be trying this periodically for small items (ornaments and/or bookmarks etc) as I've started collecting bobbins - 3 from door prizes from out retreats and now two hand painted ones too.  Guess this is another example of NOT saying you'll NEVER do something!  LOL!!!

And here are pictures of Sunday's painted bobbin workship lead by Ewa!  Again thank you Mary for giving me two of your plain bobbins so I could partake in this fun!!!

Ulla has this painting challenge under control.

I think Jocelyn's and Teresa's painted bobbins.
Jacquie's bobbins - lovely!
Near the top is her workshop ornament too!

Michelle's "snowman"!!!
And here are some examples of Ewa's painted bobbins!

These 2 I chose for my doorprize!
Once I get my painted bobbins back from being varnished by Ewa, I'll blog them!

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