Sunday, October 06, 2013


WOW I slept in and was an hour late for the Alzheimer's Touch Quilt kit making rally today.   It's all the fault of some woman I didn't understand who buzzed my intercom for about 15 minutes around 3:00 am Saturday which really messed me up that whole day and then slept like a log that night.  I promised to take my machine and help sew up some of the 15 finished tops and I did manage to assemble and quilt three (now they are only 36 inch squares but still time consuming as they are of all types of six inch square fabrics sewn together).  I took the other 12 home with batting and backings for whenever I've some time to spare and hand in as I finish them.  Yeah I know I'm crazy!!!

Then when I got home I just relaxed a bit then got my Stitching Only RR block etc together for mailing tomorrow along with a OOOPSIE forgotten birthday card for my younger sister (birthday tomorrow) and then finished off the white Sashiko stitching for the workshop I was in yesterday.  I chatted with my girlfriend in Toronto for a long while then realized I had her granddaughter's gift to finish off so back into the sewing room to serge the square hooded bath towel and face clothes from the left over strip.  That was fast and easy.

So I settled back and watch the end of Battle of the Blades (I taped it so will catch up maybe in November when I'm back home for a lengthy stay again!  LOL!  While watching TV I couldn't sit still - NAH - so I picked up the variegated thread and stitched in the Sashiko dragonfly.  NOW that top is finished - just have to find time to assemble it into a wall hanging before the Nov. 22nd MPQ quilt meeting for show n tell.

NOW I'm going to put my feet up for a bit before calling it a day!


Laurie said...

3 in the morning!? Talk about bad timing! Your project though sounds awesome. What a special gift.

Judy said...

Hope you are feeling better now!!! I have heard of a couple of people with shingles this year, and I really want to avoid that little joy!!
I love the dragonfly, though!!!